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Mayan  Medicine Modalities

A sacred journey into the indigenous ancestral lineage of the Mayans, entering the spiritual vessel where mind, body and spirit melt into one. Illuminating the spiritual path to a cellular remembering of our divine connection to all things, the sun, the spirits, the water, the land, the animals, the mother earth and thee human race. Our divine gifts we have come to share with the earth and with each other. A journey into the Mayan traditional prayers, ceremonies, pulse readings, plant spirit medicine, herbal baths and herbal remedies.

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Cacao Ceremonies
cacaoSacred Cacao was first used as a ceremonial medicine and health elixir by the indigenous cultures of Central America 1100BC beginning with the Mayan. Chocolate is a processed food from the seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree which grows in tropical regions. The Mayan people made a beverage with the chocolate that was so bitter it was called “xocolatl or “Bitter water.”

Cacao was the plant of the Gods, representing both fertility and life. Mayan, Aztec and Olmec Royalty ingested the cacao and used it in ceremonial God worship. Ceremonially it has been consumed to connect with the infinite presence of love. Cacao ceremonies are a joining together to open our hearts, express creativity and rejoice in the spirit of love, one heart, one love, one world, one human.

The cacao comes from Guatemala, the heart land of my Mayan teachers, a Cacao Shaman has specifically selected this for its energetic properties. The ceremony allows us to deepen our relationship with the cacao learning of its origins, history, health benefits and energetic/ spiritual qualities. Together we will celebrate a new way of melting together in our love of Cacao, when ingested in a ceremonial, ritualistic and intentional way, provides a spiritual portal moving you towards the fullest expression of who you are. A ceremonial catalysis to removing barriers in all area of your life, career, creativity, personal growth and development and relationships. Cacao will help deepen your connection to your heat , expand your capacity to love and be loved. this life. Melt into an ancient ceremony that will open your heart to new levels.

Cacao is the feel good food, and is associated with universal love. It contains active ingredients that are heart openers, creating feelings of emotional intimacy and pleasure. Contact us to see when our next ceremony is or if you would like to set up a sacred cacao ceremony.

Plant spirit brushing and the ancient “curendera” method of traditional Limpia cleans the soul, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Cleansing our Auric / Angelic bodies to revitalize and restore the natural energetic flow. In the ceremony of cleansing – limpia, the patient is brushed with the fresh herbs while stepping over the burning copal, this will purify the patients body and is very relaxing to any spirit intrusions, which the traditional cultures believed made the spirits drowsy with the smoke.
Power Animals
Power animal retrieval is one of the most common shamanic requests. In many shamanic paradigms everyone is born with an animal spirit who has volunteered to help and protect them. Sometimes these animals leave and then the person becomes sick, or has a run of bad luck, etc. Other times we outgrow the power animal and need another one to help us into the next phase of our lives.

Everyone has the help and protection of spirit beings often in the form of animal spirits. Power animals are usually not domesticated animals and you can have more than one. Even if a person has never heard of power animals they will have a special affinity for certain animals, or have had unusual experiences with certain animals. It is quite likely that this is their power animal trying to get their attention.

Power animals are powerful spirits that assume the form of animals — perhaps it is the easiest way for humans to see and understand them, or maybe they like the look. They are not animals and sometimes you are allowed to see their alternate forms such as a human form. Power animals are a volunteer position, a being who is offering an amazing gift of helping someone in his or her life.

Every power animals is powerful — an eagle is just as powerful as a mouse. The particular animal that you receive will have special traits that are important for your life now. Bringing your power animals into your daily experiences will enrich your life and magical connection to this amazing world we live in. It will provide you with guidance, healing, help and protection.

Plant Spirit Medicine
Plant Spirit Medicine is the shamans’ way with plants. It recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the body, heart and soul.

Since the beginning of time, when the traditional shaman-healer turned to the plant world, he turned to the spirits of the plants. It was the spirits of the plants that healed his patients. The spirits were his friends, his teachers, and his allies.

You could think of plant spirit medicine as the next level above homeopathy. Working with the Spirit of the plant to heal. Sometimes that might include taking some physical extract of the plant but often it is just getting the healing energies from the plant and delivering them to the client to generate a healing.

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