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A Shaman is an individual that has access and influence in the world of the benevolent and the malevolent spirits.  During ritual or ceremony the Shaman enters into a trancelike state. In these altered states of consciousness they encounter and interact with the spirits world and channel these energies into this world. It is a technique of religious ecstasy, as Shamans they are the intermediaries / messengers between the worlds of human and spirit.

Shamanic Healing / Sacred Plant / Retreats / Workshops
Climbing highThe Shaman enters a supernatural dimension and can mend the soul to treat illness, traumas, injuries, and ailment, restoring balance and wholeness. Shamans are spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and ‘see’ visions. The essential characteristics of shaman are mastery of energy and fire as a medium of transformation. Shamans have been credited with the ability to control the weather, divination, the interpretation of dreams, astral projection, and traveling to upper and lower worlds. Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.

JadeShamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, the Shaman is the Medicine Woman or Man. The word originated among Siberian Tungus ( ) meaning S/He who knows. Anthropologists coined the term Shamanism, and have used it to refer to the spiritual, ceremonial leaders among and ancient spiritual practices of these indigenous cultures.

Shamanism is the universal wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes, where spiritual practices are rooted in nature, tapping into the power of Mother Earth. Shamanism is concerned with the health all the people, animals, plants and all of life..The practice of Shamanism is to enlighten and heal using ceremonials that can include, mythic journey’s into the subconsciousness, drumming and rhythmic music, dance and movement, plant spirit medicine and mind altering drugs. Shamanism is the oldest worldwide spiritual practice, one shared by all our ancestral heritages. Shamans view the full spectrum of life – animals, plants, stones, earth, stars, ancestors, and dreams – as a living, spirit-based continuum.

Professional shamanic practitioners are highly trained through years of study, and are authorized by their shamanic teacher(s) to do client work when their training is successfully completed. They are trained to go into different realms and interact on the client’s behalf to assist in personal transformation through energy work, healing, and the transmission of information which they bring through into ordinary reality.

Rosita250Jane Del Piero and John Holt integrate energy medicine and spiritual healing practices from contemporary science and indigenous wisdom. During energy healing sessions, Jane and Jay will accesses the web of life to assist you in clearing and rebalancing your energy systems. This can open your heart, awaken your inner gifts, and lighten your spirit.

LuvLight’s mission is to support you by providing a sacred vessel for you to explore your evolutionary soul path and a deepening connection to yourself. When we bridge the outer world and our inner world we have unlimited access to transformation and illumination of your souls light and love. We will teach you simple and effective tools that support you in transforming your unwanted experiences in to treasured gifts.

SusannaWe are part of something special and when we are allowed to align with our inner wisdom we can truly nourish our souls. We are all the true creators of our own worlds and in all retreats we will use various healing techniques to support and accelerate your growth in a transformative and illuminating direction.

Chuonnasuan,_the_last_shaman_of_the_Oroqen,_in_July_1994_(Photo_by_Richard_Noll)Traditional cultures have practices rituals, rites of passage and ceremonies since the beginning of time. Did you know that there is a ceremony to restore balance and intention into your evolving life’s journey? Within sacred space, a ceremony takes an intention from seed to bloom and releases it into life. Ceremonies are also for: healing, community balance, relationship and life transitions, connecting to natural cycles, and honoring ancestors. Contact us about specific ceremonies for your personal needs.

Cacao Ceremonies: Sacred Cacao was first used as a ceremonial medicine and health elixir by the indigenous cultures of Central America 1100BC beginning with the Mayan. Chocolate is a processed food from the seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree which grows in tropical regions. The Mayan people made a beverage with the chocolate that was so bitter it was called “xocolatl or “Bitter water.”

Cacao was the plant of the Gods, representing both fertility and life. Mayan, Aztec and Olmec Royalty ingested the cacao and used it in ceremonial God worship. Ceremonially it has been consumed to connect with the infinite presence of love. Cacao ceremonies are a joining together to open our hearts, express creativity and rejoice in the spirit of love, one heart, one love, one world, one human.

Peru ShamansJane MacawThe cacao comes from Guatemala, the heart land of my Mayan teachers, a Cacao Shaman has specifically selected this for its energetic properties. The ceremony allows us to deepen our relationship with the cacao learning of its origins, history, health benefits and energetic/ spiritual qualities. Together we will celebrate a new way of melting together in our love of Cacao, when ingested in a ceremonial, ritualistic and intentional way, provides a spiritual portal moving you towards the fullest expression of who you are. A ceremonial catalysis to removing barriers in all area of your life, career, creativity, personal growth and development and relationships. Cacao will help deepen your connection to your heat , expand your capacity to love and be loved. this life. Melt into an ancient ceremony that will open your heart to new levels.

Cacao is the feel good food, and is associated with universal love. It contains active ingredients that are heart openers, creating feelings of emotional intimacy and pleasure. Contact us to see when our next ceremony is or if you would like to set up a sacred cacao ceremony.

Education Programs
JayApprenticeship programs: Provide in-depth mentoring for those who want to spiritually deepen and recover their own authentic life through a shamanic energy medicine path. Included are: personal healing processes, developing a mesa (medicine bundle), Mayan cosmology and other traditions, energetic transmissions with rites of passage, accessing nature’s energies through spiritual awareness, and Loe Light Illumination healing for humanity.

Mentoring: Apprenticeship programs provide in-depth mentoring for those who want to spiritually deepen and recover their own authentic life through a shamanic energy medicine path. Included are: personal healing processes, developing a mesa (medicine bundle), Mayan cosmology and other traditions, energetic transmissions with rites of passage, accessing nature’s energies through spiritual awareness, and luminous body healing for others.

Wellness Coaching: Get to know and grow your inner teacher and guides through individualized wellness coaching sessions. Learn a specific wellness practice – guided breathing, shamanic journeying, deepening intuition, mindful relaxation, nutrition, mantras, and daily exercise programs.

JHoltWorkshops: Workshops provide a welcoming space for meditative, intuitive, and personal development; and to explore energy body and eco-spiritual awareness. Presentations, ceremonies, and experiential exercises are used to awaken a whole life shamanic consciousness. Contact us about our up coming workshops.

LuvLight’s Retreats: Illuminating a deeper connection to creator and God / Goddess, we will explore you at a soul level and answer the questions we often ask. Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose? What is my souls journey and how do I know if I am doing the right thing? The retreats will allow you to connect with the world from an indigenous cultural standpoint and to explore ancient wisdom and traditions.

Shamanic Modalities
Eagle MedicineCellular reformatting/ DNA Activation: Jane or Jay will provide activation with sound baths and music of the spheres sound healing. DNA established patterns that do not support our highest good, all of us have it, its what we have inherited from the linages before us. Activation of the wisdom from each lineage can help heal and release your current blueprints and karmic patterns from other lives. When these patterns are cleared, you begin receiving information from source rather than old patterns. This frees you up to embody your divine essential self. Clearing and releasing genetic, familial and ancestral patterns, spiritual core values and beliefs from all lifetimes, and life connections or life lines that create patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good.

Cord Releasing: We all have energetic cords that attach us to every significant person in our lives. Most often these cords are attached with love, light and positive energy. Sometimes these cords are painful energy leaks that create feeling of negative and sorrow. These cords can leave us feeling exhausted, helpless and disempowered.

We will work together to help you identify these cords so you can graciously return the energy to where it came with love and light. Sending the energy of the other back to them and bring yours back into balance and alignment. If the relationship with the person has been completed then the energy will quickly come back to balance and you will feel better, If the relationship continues with the individual, the energetic cords will re-inform you of a freshly illuminated possibilities. To really shift into new levels of emotional health you must forgive, let go, and release these cords.

Inner soul mapping: We have the map to our destiny and we have the tools within to find the treasure. Guiding you to be the master of your destiny, you will be given a powerful set of techniques to break though stagnant energy, alleviate stress & be grounded to make heart conscious decisions. Following your map you will learn to incorporate the self-empowerment tools into your daily routine to break free from destructive thought patterns, addictions, negativity & maintain a feeling of being grounded and connected.

GEOIntuitive Guidance Sessions: As a keeper of the keys Jane will support and assist you finding the key to mastering your destiny. Working together privately or via Skype sessions we will establish powerful techniques to shatter stagnant energy and move past outdated beliefs and patterns. These sessions will support your day to day life, alleviate stress and allow you to be grounded in your heart to make fully conscious decisions. By incorporating the tools I will remind you about into your daily life you can break the chains of destructive thought patterns and live a life of abundance, prosperity, and unconditional love of life.

Intuitive guidance: is not a therapy, psychology or psychology. The session will engage you in the intuitive process, and Jane will tap into the morphic filed of infinite possibilities with the intent of putting you in direct contact with the guiding forces surrounding you, that are there to assist you in achieving clarity, direction, purpose, and guidance. We will reformat outdated programs and beliefs by changing the cellular vibration. The purpose of this session is to empower you.

How Intuitive Guidance Sessions can help you?

Are you seeking the Why?

Are you facing emotional, spiritual, physical challenges?

Do you feel your life is out of control?

Is it difficult for you to discuss serious issues?

Do you struggle with meaningful conversations?

Are you craving more out of your spiritual path? More out of life?

Intuitive Guidance Sessions:

Restore Balance to our lives

Receive clarity on nagging issues

Shed light on choices about which you may feel uncertain

Get to the Heart of the matter and address the original trauma for healing

Connection to your spirt guides, angels and assistances

Uncover outdated attitudes and beliefs that are creating difficulty in your life and empowering way to overcome them

Miss Beatrice WLand-house Clearings & Blessings: Jane or Jay performs a Land/House clearings & Blessings. Jane or Jay is able to cast out unwanted energies, heal the land and the ancestors at such a deep level you and your family will feel the love and joy that your home is meant to feel. Despacho blessings come from a deep place of honor and respect. Jane and Jay are highly connected in the spirit world and are able to work together in harmony with creator for transformational healing’s on all levels. These clearings & blessings are very powerful.

“Many times we find we do not feel comfortable in our own homes. There are things that linger in and on the land, or with in the structures. We have been taught ancient techniques of clearing out negative energy from your home in a matter of one session.” Jane & Jay

Love Light Illumination: When we allow ourselves to enter the sacred space f our hearts we can create a visual representation of your inner divine self through externally expressions. Incorporating the healing tools of nature with the sounds of the spheres to dig to the depths of meaning and finding a deeper sense of wholeness. A space for alchemical transformation will be created where you can transformed heal at the deepest levels. Meeting life and every experience with an open heart and shining that magical light within. Providing the space for inner alchemical changes and cellular transformation.

Miss Hortense RobinsonSacred Card Reading: Incorporating sacred imagery and symbolic cards to connect you to hidden aspects of the divine and collective unconscious in mapping out your life story. Thought the art of card reading one may find their own inner wisdom and truth. This offers a link between the questioners own inner / higher wisdom and current events in your life. By honor our story and learning the lesson we have the opportunity to transcend the old and birth a new expression of ourselves.

Sacred Space Creation: Ancient Mayan and Peruvian traditions that have been handed down from the ancient wisdom keepers to assist in these times of turmoil and changes. Sacred teachings to support and unlock every aspect of your life, a journey towards unconditional joy and happiness. Ancient Earth Medicine practices that offer guidance and support for your everyday experiences. Here we access the infinite wisdom that we are the powerful creators of our lives. We are writing our own stories.

Our mission is to offer you effective Alternative health care, while assisting you in meeting your individual health goals.  LuvLight utilizes traditional forms of Oriental Medicine and years of experience to create an accurate treatment plan.  Read More
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